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Reducing the Cost of CCS through
Rubin, E.S.
Clearwater Coal Conference, Clearwater, FL (June 2, 2014) (PDF)

The Ingredients of a Realistic Path Forward to Reduce the Release of Anthropogenic CO2 to the Atmosphere While Allowing the Long-Term Utilization of Global Fossil Resources
Rubin, E.S.
13th Annual CCUS Conference, Pittsburgh, PA (May 1, 2014) (PDF)

How to Improve Cost Estimates for Advanced CO2 Capture Systems
Rubin, E.S.
13th Annual CCUS Conference, Pittsburgh, PA (April 29, 2014) (PDF)

Post-combustion CO2 Capture Using Metal Organic Frameworks
Mantripragada, H.C., W. You, and E.S. Rubin
13th Annual CCUS Conference, Pittsburgh, PA (April 28, 2014) (PDF)

The cost-effectiveness of natural gas combined cycle power plants with CO2 capture and storage in a climate change mitigation strategy
van den Broek, M., N. Berghout, and E.S. Rubin
Global CCS Institute, Webinar (March 18, 2014) (PDF)

New Developments with IECM
Rubin, E.S.
NETL, Pittsburgh, PA (February 27, 2014) (PDF)

The Outlook for CO2 Capture and Storage and Its Role in a Low-Carbon Energy Future
Rubin, E.S.
Guest Lecture: 19-656: CO2 Capture and Sequestration, Pittsburgh, PA (February 6, 2014) (PDF)