EPP Faculty :: Benoît Morel

Benoît Morel

Email: bm1v@andrew.cmu.edu

Associate Teaching Professor, Engineering and Public Policy, and Physics, Emeritus

High technology, biotechnology, information technology, and their impact on security and the economy; and mathematical modeling for policy analysis (complex systems, stochastic processes).


  • Ph.D. (Theoretical High Energy Physics) 1976, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Diplome de Physique (Physics) 1971, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Baccalaureat (Physics) 1966, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Positions Held

  • Carnegie Mellon, 1987-


Since earning his Ph.D., Dr. Morel has held appointments in physics at Harvard University as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, at CERN and University of Geneva, and at California Institute of Technology. His main subjects of interest were grand unified theories (supergravity in particular) and their underlying mathematical structure.

After attending Caltech, he went to Stanford as a Science Fellow in arms control. There, he pursued research in the security implications and the technology of anti-ballistic missile defense.

Dr. Morel joined the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University in 1987 in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy, with the Program on International Peace and Security. At Carnegie Mellon, his research interests have focused on military high technology, its technical details and structure, and its impact on security and arms control, as well as its effects on American defense policy.

Dr. Morel is also interested in non-linear dynamic models, and the study of complex systems and chaos, with application to a variety of areas, such as immunology, fluid mechanics, organization theory, economics, pollution, and environment.

Selected Publications

  1. B. Morel, S. Yehl and L. Cifuentes, "Statistical Distributions for Air Pollution," Atmospheric Environment, 1998.
  2. B. Morel and R. Ramanujam, "Through the Looking Glass of Complexity: The Dynamics of Organizations as Adaptive and Evolving Systems," Organization Science, 1998.
  3. P. Ashcroft and B. Morel, "Limits on Space-based Remote Sensing for Methane Source Characterization," IEEE Transaction in GeoScience and Remote Sensing, 1995.